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Welcome to elementary OS

So, you made the decision to switch to elementary OS? Great!

Now, maybe you are new to the elementary world and want to test some things out, tweak here-and-there a bit, install this, customize that...

Well, here are things you could do after installing elementary OS.


After a fresh install, elementary already looks nice, but there are some nice tweaks you can do.


So, why not give Plank another theme? There are many nice ones, but there are already some included in elementary.

It may look like this:

Here's how to install plank themes, and here is the Top 5 best Plank themes.

You may want to categorize applications, grouping icons in Plank. These look like this:
Here is the guide.


If you don't like the grey-ish window (eGTK) theme of elementary, you may enjoy the dark elementary theme.

Oh, and why not make Chrome fit in more in elementary?


Some icons of 3rd party applications, such as Dropbox, look horrible in elementary. Thankfully, there are icons made by the community to fit them elementary's theme.

You may also try a whole new icon set:


There are many cool and useful elementary-style applications that most people don't know about about. Here are some you may want to try out.

... such as Birdie:
You may also want to get stuff done... Pomidor Style.
"Gazette" by +Eduard Gotwig, is a news service for your desktop, showing current news, the local weather, and recently changed / used files.


Besides applications you can install, and themes you can apply, there are also general tweaks you can do.

Maybe, you're often visiting Google+, so you want to easily visit it with a shortcut. For things like this, you can create web apps. Check out this 4 part web-app series.

Midori, elementary's standard web browser, does not have the ability to run flash, which is needed for things such as YouTube. Don't worry, you can easily add flash to Midori.

You can preview files, such as documents and photos with the application Gloobus.

You may also upgrade the Kernel to version 3.9 in Luna Beta 2. Just follow these kernel upgrade steps.


Are you a gamer? Then you should read these popular articles by +Lewis Goddard.

Say "Hello!" to the community and check out other places, where you can find a community around elementary.

But that wasn't everything! There's still much you can do. Browse through elementary update and other places. And let us know when you find cool tweaks and things to improve the elementary experience.

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