By Unknown

Crowd-Funding Games Weekly #2

I'm back again, listing another three crowd-funding games for elementary (and Linux in general) with around two weeks of funding left, as well as some looking back on the projects we previously featured.

Son of Nor - The World is Your Weapon

Son of Nor looks set to be one of those terrifically geeky games, which also features a multitude of co-op opportunities (split-screen, lan, internet). Unfortunately, in my (fairly experienced) crowd-funding opinion, they probably won't get funded.

Son of Nor will be available for Windows, Max and Linuz, DRM Free (nothing about Steam keys, but they're on Greenlight all right) by pledging $15 on their Kickstarter for one of the early bird copies of the game (limited to 300).

Update: It looks like early bird copies are all sold out (there wasn't many left when I wrote this). It's now $20 for a standard copy.


AR-K is a Saga that is looking to have the second, and maybe third and fourth episodes funded on Kickstarter. They have promised a linux version, but it will require some porting (from Unity 3.6 to 4) and while the first episode is already out (which you can get for free), there's been nothing said about porting that over to Linux.

Overall, this point-and-click adventure isn't for me (they rarely are), but I'm sure there are plenty of you out there willing to pledge $20 for the complete game.


Rawbots is a create'em, program'em, build'em, fight'em game (okay, I made that up). They describe it as a sandbox games, where you get to craft elegant or elephant robots, visually program them, and then basically do whatever you want. FPS, RTS, CTF, or just build as high as you can, it's completely up to you.

$20 bags you a DRM-Free copy, as well as a Steam key (when, and if, available), and 1 Online Multiplayer user. The limit of 15,000 for this "first call" has hardly been dented.

Rawbots is my favourite of this week, mainly because of the creative element. It's like Minecraft, but with Robots! Unfortunately, it is also the least funded of what has rapidly turned into a low-on-funds week (I know how they feel). All is not right in the crowd-funding world.

Honourable Mentions

There are no honourable mentions this week, as Games on Kickstarter appear to have hit somewhat of a slump. Hopefully the three games i have lined up for next week will fare a little better than those of recent times.


A.N.N.E has now reached it's Linux stretch goal of $80,000, and has just over two days of funding to go. During that time, you can still join the ranks of over three-thousand others and get a copy (and a Steam key!) for the fundraising price of $10.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is just three days away from the end of the campaign. Unfortunately, it's beginning to look like this means it's just three days away from not getting funded. Remember, you can get the Classic Pack (that's 4 games!) and half-price off release for just $15, or pony up the full $25 up-front to grab yourself a copy of the game.

Realm site just below £80,000 of a £195,000 goal, with just over two days to go. £10 (~$15) gets you a copy and shows support for a beautiful game, or get two copies for £17 (~$26).

Among the Sleep was fully funded just yesterday, raising $248,358 out of a $200,000 goal from 8,110 backers. General release is slated for December 2013, but do remember that nearly three-quarters of Kickstarter Projects deliver late. In the mean time, you can try out the public alpha.

And finally, for just $5, you really can't go wrong. And Dog Sled Saga looks set to be adorable, as well as being within reach of doubling their goal of $6,000.