By Michael Langfermann

Community PPA Update #1

A lot has happened recently in the elementary community, so it's time for a round up.


For starters, +Eduard Gotwig released a new version of the IRC client Cable, which is based on Sushi IRC. It brings visual improvements and a lot of bug fixes, like the buggy user list it used to have, with it.

The newest version is available through the Community PPA, and can be installed with: sudo apt-get install cable

elementary Tweaks

Elementary Tweaks has gone through a lot of changes. The most obvious is the new UI, which was done by +Tom Beckmann. The flexibility of the new UI allows more settings to be added.
Additionally to the new UI, Terminal settings have been added by Tom Beckmann and, thanks to the work of +Heath Paddock, Wingpanel Slim can now be aligned.

Icon theme emod

+Luca Di Martino has been working on an impressive new flat icon theme for elementary OS.
He recently release the icon theme, which, of course, is also available through the Community PPA: sudo apt-get install elementary-emod-icons

New Plank Themes

Due to the new popular trend of using Plank in Panel mode, +Kevin Kleinman released 3 new Plank themes: sudo apt-get install elementary-plank-themes

Time off

Elementary Tweaks development and the Community PPA maintenance will be put on hold for a week, as I am taking some time off for a beach vacation. You can still send me questions/feedback/suggestions for elementary Tweaks and the Community PPA per email at and I will check my inbox when I get back.