By Unknown

Holo Color Scheme for Scratch

+Anthony Kiniyalocts has made a color Scheme for elementary's text editor, Scratch, which follows the Android Holo Theme. There are 2 versions available:

Holo Light Theme

Holo Dark Theme


Download the light theme here & the dark theme here.

Both are easy to install. There's also a text file included, which explains the process in detail. Here is a short guide:
  1. Download one of the themes
  2. Extract it in your home directory
  3. Open up the Terminal, and navigate to the path, where the needed files are. You do that by using the cd command. Depending on the theme you've chosen, navigate to Holo_Dark or Holo_Light.
  4. From here, copy and paste the following commands:
chmod 755 ./
sudo ./
You're ready to go.

Apply the theme

To finally apply the theme, open Scratch, click on the Gear-Symbol, select Preferences > Color Scheme and select the color scheme.
And that's it.