By Unknown

Steam Sales

Rochard   -   $9.99   -   75%   -   $2.49

Rochard is a side-scrolling space-platformer with inspiring graphics and gameplay. It's something I'm currently playing through and thoroughly enjoying.

Spectraball   -   $4.99   -   33% off   -   $3.34

A puzzle-solving platformer, Spectraball is the only game on this list I must admit to not having played. For this price, I soon won't have to though!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution   -   $4.99   -   40%   -   $2.99

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is a top-down old-school shot'em up. With myriads of levels, enemies, and community content, I don't think you can ever actually say you've finished this.

All offers end 27th May.


The ever beautiful Realm sadly wasn't funded, raising just short of half it's goal. Jagged Alliance: Flashback gained some serious funds in the last few days and just made it's goal, and anyone that listened to me either got the 4 classic-pack games for $5, or that and Flashback for $25 (I got the latter). A.N.N.E also got funded, barely breaking the $100,000 mark,

Finally, (just in case you're new to my posts) Dog Sled Saga is an adorable 8bit masterpiece, and you can get the game for just $5. Hurry, their Kickstarter only has two days to go!