Writing Staff

Aaron Hampshire
Aaron is a teacher at the Northwest Academy in Portland, OR. When he's not keeping up with elementary OS, he reads European Theology and Philosophy, drinks coffee, and snowshoes with his wife and two Huskies.
Abir Sadik
Abir lives in New York City. He studied Computer Science and Physics at Rochester Institute of Technology before deciding college was not for him. He is currently figuring out what he wants to do with his life. He loves KDE and the elementary project. He blogs at tuxfiction.
Jimmy Ryan
Jimmy Ryan lives in Dallas, TX. He is a former radio producer, turned geek, and online media junkie. Jimmy takes care of social media engagement with the elementary OS community. Follow him: @J1mmyRyan
Dan K
Dan is just some young guy who loves the idea of elementary. He also likes (Retro) computers and music. He is still in school and lives in Bonn, Germany.
Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy
Ruairidh is a Law student at the University of Edinburgh. When not focusing on writing his dissertation, he enjoys coffee, climbing, and of course, using elementary.
Stijn Verwaaijen
Stijn lives in Nijmegen (Netherlands). He has a masters degree in dutch law and has been working as a spatial planning advisor for the past 5 years. His hobbies include listening to and collecting music (vinyl, FLAC files), Linux (obviously), enjoying good foods and drinks, reading, watching TV shows and movies, fitness and jogging. He is uncompromising when it comes to computing. This is what drove him to Linux. Stijn is always fine-tuning his setup and thinking of more efficient ways to do computer-related stuff.
Juan Matías de la Cámara Beovide
Juan works in IT in Córdoba, Argentina. He is also interested in web and app development, administering servers, installing desktops/servers, writing how-to's, teaching, and researching. He looks at IT from the social point of view. How can we make use technology to better our lives instead of living for technology? How can we integrate technology into a more socially responsible, environmentally sustainable way of life? You can check out his blog here.
Anthony Kiniyalocts
Anthony is currently a CIT/CS student at Northern Kentucky University. He speaks C#, Java, and is currently learning Vala, HTML, and diving into the Android SDK. He loves the elementary project and have been around since the birth of Jupiter! Follow him @A_Kiniyalocts
Lewis Goddard
Lewis is a 19-year-old child prodigy gone wild. He likes software updates, aircraft and spaceships, dinosaurs, capturing anything that's beautiful, making, disassembling, and improving basically everything. Find out more.
Michael Langfermann
Mike is currently studies electrical engineering in Germany. He has been tinkering with Linux for 13 years since he got his hand on Red Hat 6. When he is not planted in front of his PC, he is most likely building anything he can, be it furniture, a complete kitchen, electrical devices or a Media Center. Mike also maintains the elementary-update PPA.