By Unknown

eGTK Theme for Chrome

When you're using Google Chrome in elementary OS, you will notice, that Chrome's theme doesn't look that great.

But there's one theme, made by deviantART user "Sir-Nimaj", which will let Google Chrome look like this:

There are 2 versions: One with scrollbar like the picture below and one without such an scrollbar.


The "installation" of these themes is fairly easy. 
  1. Donwload the theme (download link below)
  2. Unpack it
  3. Open up Chrome and click on the "3 lines" at the very right and go to Tools -> Extensions
  4. From here, drag and drop the .crx file into the chrome window and click "OK"
Download the theme here: eGTK Chrome Theme

[EDIT: As mentioned in the comments, awhite9211 has published both the Theme and the Scrollbar Extension in the Chrome Store.]