By Unknown

Crowd-Funding Games Weekly #1

Hello! Welcome to what I hope will be my fairly regular weekly round-up of games coming to Linux through the power of crowd-funding (guitar solo here).


A.N.N.E is a traditional 16bit 2D adventure, in which you must save your love A.N.N.E, by running, jumping, shooting, and flying your way across enemies and difficult terrain.

Linux is actually a stretch goal, set at $80,000 (along with OS X support), but with the goal of $70k reached in just three weeks, and another nine days to go for it to get more funding, Linux support seems like an almost certainty.

You can pre-order a copy of A.N.N.E for PC (that's Windows, Linux and Mac) DRM Free with a Steam key thrown in (presuming it gets past Steam's Greenlight) by pledging $10 on their Kickstarter.

Note that A.N.N.E currently has a fixed resolution of 1280x720, which doesn't look to be changing, and may not be playable at anything with a smaller resolution.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback

This project describes itself as "not a reboot, it's a reset!" Good, game reboots rarely work, but if there's one that might, it's the critically acclaimed franchise Jagged Alliance. The 3D tile space turn-based gameplay reminds me of the Xenonauts alpha I purchased a while back.

You can pony up $25 to get a copy for Windows, OS X, and Linux DRM Free, as well as a Steam key upon release, plus the Jagged Alliance Classic Pack (that's 4 games!), or just $15 to get the Jagged Alliance Classic Pack and half price off Jagged Alliance: Flashback upon release (no word on how the reduction will be made).


There seem to be two trends with Kickstarter game visuals; they're either 8 or 16bit block based side-scrollers, or one of the most artistically beautiful games ever imagined. Realm is one of the latter.

I see no irony at all in the use of the phrase "visually stunning" in their projects description. Unfortunately, this unique beauty could well fizzle out, as, at time of writing, less than a third of the required funding has been pledged.

Realm is another game with 9 days to go that added Linux support after launching, but included in normal release, not as a stretch goal. It is an endearing story of a young girl on a quest to find a magical flower with healing properties to cure her mother, while she encounters a giant stone golem named Toru, a gentle but powerful creature.

As a British project, you'll need to pledge £10 (that's just over $15) to get a download of the full game, DRM Free, Note that Amazon Payments is not an option, and giving actual credit/debit card details to Kickstarter is the only way to pay. Also, while the reward says PC and Mac, they have confirmed that it will include Windows, OS X and Linux.

Honourable Mentions

Among the Sleep is a first person horror in which you are a two-year-old child. Looks like it would appeal to anyone who liked Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Funding ends in 5 days, and you can get the full game upon release for $20.

Dog Sled Saga is possibly one of the most original 8bit games I have seen in a long time. You play a Dog Sled driver who must manage both his finances and in-race goody bag. It's slated for release on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, and you can get a cross-platform copy for just $5. Also available are name submissions (both human and canine), frisbees, illustrated booklets, and the mandatory beta access and t-shirts. Funding ends in 13 days, so I may cover this in more detail next week.