By Michael Langfermann

Birdie Needs Your Help!

Birdie, our favorite elementary OS styled Twitter client, has started an Indiegogo campaign.
It is trying to raise funds to:
  • Implement missing Twitter features
  • Make Birdie rock solid, without crashes and weird bugs
  • Integrate and test Birdie on the most popular distributions, so Birdie feels great whether you use Ubuntu, elementary OS, Fedora, etc.
  • Optimize Birdie so it runs and feels faster
  • Create packages and repositories for the most popular distributions
  • Continue developing free open-source software that everyone can use, modify and redistribute
So head on over to Indigogo and contribute what you can!

If you want to try out Birdie, it is available in our Community PPA! If you have the PPA activated, install it through the Terminal with: sudo apt-get install birdie-granite