By Michael Langfermann

5 New Awesome Elementary Themes

Recently, Deviantart users kxmylo and rhoconlinux have been working hard on themes, specifically tailored to work with elementaryOS. We have added them to our Community PPA for your convenience. Let's have a look, shall we?


The Blue theme from kxmylo does not only bring a warm and friendly feeling to your desktop, it also comes with custom icons to polish this great theme. If you have the Community PPA enabled, simply install the theme with your Terminal:
sudo apt-get install elementary-blue-theme Use elementary Tweaks to change your theme and don't forget to use the Blue icon theme as well.


Another great theme from kxmylo is Colors. It playfully brings a colorful and beautiful palette to your elementaryOS desktop. Install it with:
sudo apt-get install elementary-colors-theme


The OSX inspired theme Lion from kxmylo brings a vibrant and polished look to your Desktop that is definitely worth checking out:
sudo apt-get install elementary-lion-theme


This elementary based theme from rhoconlinux brings a nice alternative to the default elementaryOS theme. Get it with:
sudo apt-get install elementary-champagne-theme


The final and very professional theme Milk from rhoconlinux brightens up your desktop and brings a lot of features with it, such as Wingpanel Slim compatibility. Install it with:
sudo apt-get install elementary-milk-theme
Be sure to thank Camilo "kxmylo" Higuita and Rho Con Linux for their hard and awesome work!