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Where else to find elementary?

This site is elementary-related of course. But there are also other websites which you can follow to keep up-to-date with elementary-related stuff.

Other blogs

There are quite a few blogs around the world, targeting specific languages. These sites are community and volunteer run. Find one you like and get involved. Often, these sites are updated more frequently than elementaryupdate.
Official: journal
Italy: (closing?)
Malaysia: (English)

The Google+ Community

elementary's Google+ Community is very active, and maybe the best place to go. Whether you have a question, just want to show your desktop or sharing your ideas, the Community is ready for it. You can also find mockup's and so on there.
Visit the Google+ Community.

On LaunchPad

Squashing bugs for elementary is very important. So, you can submit bugs and view the status of fixes at the official LaunchPad site for elementary.
Visit the LaunchPad site or check out the Beta 2 Page.

elementary on deviantART

On the official deviantART Communites, you can find many mockup's. Discuss them or submit your own! There are the 2 groups: #elementary-os and #elementary-art.
Visit the #elementaryOS Group.
Visit the #elementary-art Group.

elementary's sub-reddit

Are you a redditor and love elementary? Well, I think the elementary sub-reddit is the place to go for you. It's open for everything: questions and submissions of any kind.
Visit the elementary sub-reddit.

elementary Apps Spreadsheet

There is a Google Docs Spreadsheet, listing many elementary-style apps. It also describes their stability. This document is free to be edited, so why not submit your own elementary App?
Visit the Spreadsheet.

The social networks

Of course, there are the social networks. You'll find there the least information, however.

elementary on Google+
elementary on Twitter
elementary on facebook