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Seven Reasons to Support Yorba & Geary

Yorba is crowd-sourcing Geary right now, hoping to raise $100,000. Here are seven reasons you should chip in!

elementary OS Becomes a Valuable Partner
Although Geary is not simply an elementary app, Yorba is an integral partner to the elementary community. Supporting Yorba sends a loud message: “Work with elementary if you want to join a vibrant, supportive community.”

Great Software is Worth Paying For
Stealing from Adam Crossland,  software that is elegantly designed, usable, and polished is worth supporting. Be sure to read Adam's full article.

Setting a precedent
Hopefully the elementary team will crowd source its project in the future. What should their goal be? Hopefully more than $100,000, but how much more? You can indirectly establish a precedent of support inside the elementary community.

Talk is Cheap
How much time do you spend on Google+? Reddit? IRC chats? Reading blogs? Code is valuable, but talk is cheap. If you're not a developer, support a project and become part of something more than making a few cat calls from the audience.

Because $100,000 is not $100,000.
No one is asking you to evaluate the overall worth of Geary. Yorba is simply asking if Geary is individually worth at least $10 to you? I think it is... even if I was still in college.

Because we want those features!
These are high priority items for me. How about you?
  • As-fast-as-you-can-type searching
  • Always-on notification of new emails
  • Support for all major IMAP servers
  • Save and auto-save drafts

Jim Nelson's Avatar
I'd chip in 1 or 2 bucks just to assure that I see a floating head, fedora, and sun glasses now and then.
So, click a few buttons and make this happen! Support quality, open source, and elementary all in one! List your reasons for donating in the comments below.