By Anonymous

Footnote: A Beautiful elementary-style Note Taking App

Footnote is a note taking app inspired by the design philosophy of the elementary project.
Footnote is written in Vala, like most of the elementary apps. It's available in the official elementary OS repository that's included in Luna Beta 1. To install, all you have to do is execute this command in the Terminal:
sudo apt-get install footnote
Now start the app from Applications. Create a notebook and you are ready to write things down. For example, I have created the notebook entitled "elementary", and I can create as many notes as I like nested under this notebook. You can also bookmark a post and it will show up in the left sidebar.
There is also a column view, similar to Geary mail, which is more useful if you are using the app in full screen mode or want to access all your notes quickly.
Footnote can also print a specific note or export your entire notebook to a PDF file.

It's in very early stages of development, so you shouldn't rely on it for anything important like school or work. Sometimes the notes disappear without any warning and you can lose your valuable information. However, the design looks very promising and over time Footnote can emerge as a great note taking app for the elementary desktop.

These couple of mockups of Footnote created by DeviantArt user BassUltra looks very simple, polished and elegant, which is exactly what the elementary project is all about.
Footnote is great because of its simplicity, but there are still some vital features missing. For example, support for cloud sync to Dropbox or Google Drive, drag and drop support for pictures, audio files, ability to draw, record voice notes or take pictures using the webcam etc. I hope the developers are working on these features and on their way to creating an awesome note taking app that would make elementary OS even more appealing.