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Dropbox System Folders

Because the elementary team has made a philosophical choice not to support third-party applications, it takes a bit of work to fully integrate Dropbox into Luna. We've already talked about the Pantheon-Files plugin and the Dropbox panel icon, but what about Dropbox system folders?
Thanks to Steve Göhre, elementary users now have a solution.
WARNING: Do not attempt this if you are using an active desktop in Luna. This solution makes use of the Desktop folder.

Different Options

This guide offers two different installation options: full and partial. The full installation will install the Pantheon-Files plugin, the panel icon, and system folders. This is the correct option for someone who hasn't used the guides mentioned above.

Full Installation

If you already have the plugin and panel icons installed (or you don't want/need them), you will want to do the partial installation option. This option will only install the system folders.

Partial Installation


Download the appropriate package above and unpack it.

With the terminal, navigate into your extracted folder. For example, if you unpacked your folder inside the Downloads folder, your terminal code will look like this: cd ~/Downloads/elementary-dropbox-integration/ Once you are inside your folder, run the installation. chmod +x ; sh You may need to logout and login for changes to occur.


There are a few problems. We think these are minor, but you will want to decide that for yourself.

The first bug is the spacing of the folders in the home directory. They appear pushed together.
You can temporarily relieve this spacing issue by toggling CTRL+H. The problem is more likely to be a pantheon-files bug than a problem with the installation.

The second bug is found inside the open/save dialogue. As mentioned in our warning above, this entire hack makes use of the Desktop folder in an innovative way. Inside of the open/save file finder, the Dropbox folder is instead labeled Desktop.
For more detailed instructions, head over to the unofficial elementary forum and read Steve Göhre's instructions. In fact, head on over to the forum anyway because it's a great service and needs more support!