By Unknown

Top 5 Plank Themes

Plank's default Pantheon-theme in elementary really looks nice, but there are other awesome themes available.
Here are 5 of them.
Number 5: Default
Plank's Default theme is a nice, minimalist, grey-ish theme.
There's no download link available because it's included by default in elementary OS.

Number 4: HUD
The HUD theme is darker than the default theme. The glow underneath the applications is more visible, a nice feature.

Download it here.

Number 3: Transparent
The Transparent theme uses a tiny, tiny black space at the bottom of Plank. You can barely see it.
Download it here.

Number 2: Glass Pill
Glass Pill is a blue-ish theme for Plank, which takes up more space than the themes before and looks like, well... a glass pill.
Download it here.

Number 1: Darktheon
Darktheon is, as the name says, a darker version of the pantheon theme. It gives it a really nice style. The glow underneath the symbols is especially nice to look at.
Download it here. (Credit: Colton Allen)

Are there themes we missed that you think should have been in our top five? Leave them in the comments!