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Change Terminal's Color Scheme

[Guest post by David Gomes]

Many of us spend many hours a day using our terminal. We also have different tastes when it comes to color schemes. That's why the ability to change the color scheme of a terminal is one of its more important features. Throughout this tutorial, I'll teach you how you can change the looks of your terminal, step by step.

This tutorial is aimed at elementary OS users, but it also works for any Ubuntu user. Start by installing dconf-tools:
sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
Secondly, you need to decide which theme you're going to apply. You can find dozens of terminal color schemes online. You can even design your own using this web application. Design the color scheme, hit "Get Scheme" and choose "Terminator". You'll get a raw text file with a background color, a foreground color and a palette. Those strings define your color scheme. In this tutorial, I'll post an example palette give to me by +Tom Beckmann.

Run dconf-editor with Slingshot or whichever application launcher you are using. Go to orgpantheonterminalsettings. On the right, you will find palette.
Edit it and replace it with the palette you want to use. I'm inserting:
Then I went to background and I changed it to #00002B2B3636. I also edited both cursor-color and foreground to #838394949696.

You may also change your window opacity. This is a personal preference, but I also changed my opacity to 100.
I'd like to thank Tom for giving me his color scheme. It looks really nice!