By Unknown

We're Live, Folks!

We're throwing this thing wide open at elementaryupdate. Welcome to our official launch! Before you leave, do us some favors:

Social Us!
Don't leave before adding us to your RSS feed and circling us on G+. Twitter and Facebook activity will be coming soon!

Help Us Out!
We're in need a few things to get up and running at full capacity. elementaryupdate is unlike most blogs. We're not here for money (no ads) and we're not here for notoriety. We're here to help the community, but we also need the community's help. If you'd like to join the movement, let us know how you would like to help.
  • Writers. Writers. Writers. This whole project is built on quality, consistent content. Even if you can only write one article a month, we'd love to have you join the project.
  • Another managing editor. If you have strong writing skills, a basic understanding of CSS, and an eye for layout, join the cause!
  • Social Media Managers. Help promote elementaryupdate through our twitter, facebook, and g+ pages.

Suggestions and Criticisms
We're new and the site has some rough edges, both visually and programmatically. When you spot strange things, contact us!

Spread the Word
Let others know we're here. Our content may also be freely used on your own site, simply link us in the credits.