By Unknown

Steam Icons for elementary os

Steam, unfortunately, ships with an oversized, blurry affair of an icon. There was a Bug (#11080517) intended to get this replaced in elementary, but it has been marked as Won't Fix as elementary does not provide icons for third party applications. Fortunately, designers have already created a replacement Icons for Plank and the Panel.
These two source, while much better looking, both have issues with ease of install. One wants you to be modifying icon paths, while the other wants you to execute commands to flush and recreate the icon cache. Individually I can live with it, but downloading and extracting two archives for one program to look a little (okay, a lot) better, just seems silly.

This Steam Tray integrates much better with the existing icons.

So, I consolidated these two packages into one archive, though you can still visit the earlier links and install them separately if you want. This archive contains a folder you simply have to copy to the root of your filesystem as an administrator, and edit Steams .desktop file, to change the icon name to match.

To edit the steam.desktop file, run the following in the terminal, supply your password, and change Icon=steam to Icon=steam_eos

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop
That's it! Log out and back in or restart to see your shiny new icons.

Credit for Icons: pincolpallo and gazornonplat.